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Shenzhen Topway New Energy Co., Ltd.
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Martin needs to build a solar energy storage system, so he needs batteries cell to assemble
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I recently purchased a LiFePO4 battery system from this seller, and I must say, it was a complete disappointment. Not only did they fail to deliver the agreed-upon product specifications, but they also provided substandard components that constantly malfunctioned. The seller claimed to provide EVE 304Ah batteries but instead delivered EVE 280Ah batteries, which they argued were of similar quality. However, it soon became apparent that these batteries were of inferior quality, with a capacity well below what was promised. Moreover, the Battery Management System (BMS) they used was of an obscure brand, Lindong, and proved to be unreliable, causing frequent system shutdowns due to overloading. To make matters worse, the seller seemed indifferent to our complaints and failed to provide any satisfactory resolution. They disregarded our evidence of the product's poor quality and attempted to justify their actions with flimsy excuses. Overall, my experience with seller was extremely disappoin
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    동영상 팁
    Tewaycell ENERGY Powerwall 48V 10Kwh 300ah lifepo4 배터리 팩 Lifepo4 에너지 스토리지 10 kwh 리튬 배터리 스토리지
    AO 48V 200ah 10Kwh Lifepo4 테슬라 파워 월 10KW 20KWh 30KWh 태양 광 저장 배터리
    파워 월 51.2v 5kwh 7.5kwh 10kwh 15kwh 100ah 200ah 280ah Lifepo4 배터리 파워 월 태양 리튬 이온 배터리 전원 저장 배터리
    홈 에너지 저장 시스템 최고 등급 lifepo4 AO 48V 200ah 10kwh 배터리 5kw 인버터
    등급 브랜드 230Ah 280Ah 300Ah 6000 사이클 Ev Lf280 3.2V 프리즘 Lfp 셀 가정용 전원 벽
    280k 뜨거운 판매 등급 LFP LF 280K 배터리 Lifepo4 280Ah RV 롤링 골프트 카트 홈 에너지 저장
    280 280k Eu Us 주식 Lifepo4 280Ah DDP 프리즘 6000 사이클 280 아 LF 280K Lf280K 태양 저장 3.2V 280Ah Lifepo4 배터리
    280k 무료 배송 DDP 3.2V LFP LF280 280K 280Ah Lifepo4 등급 A 태양 광 가정
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